by John Hollingworth

Co-Produced by Vitalist Theatre and Rasaka Theatre Company in association with The International Voices Project

Under the direction of Vitalist’s artistic director, Liz Carlin Metz, this British new play scorches Brexit and Trump style anti-immigration policies with its moving, funny, and hard hitting exposure of the deeply personal effects of hate and fear.

When hate trumps love, everyone is a loser. In a possible future where Trump is the American president and Brexit reigns in England, the country is in turmoil as one of its most multicultural cities awaits a visit from the Prime Minister. Kash, a British Muslim of Pakistani heritage and councilman, prepares his campaign for Parliament on a platform addressing the xenophobic state of the nation. His girlfriend, Natalie, complicates his personal and political life by converting to Islam and cooking for Muslim anti-war protesters. Lyn, her mother and a conservative council member, rants to anyone who’ll listen about the decline of her cherished England: “This whole multicultural happy clappy, hippie dippie love-in is a fantasy!” It is all too much for Kash’s teenaged daughter, Qadira, who plots a radical intervention. As British and American troops hit the ground in Syria, the nation questions immigration policies, issues of assimilation, racism, and one family clashes over their own internal conflicts of faith, belonging, and who gets to call themselves British.

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Production Staff

Producing Artistic Director for Rasaka Theatre: Kamal Hans
Associate Artistic Director for Rasaka Theatre: Alka Nayyar
Co-Producer for Rasaka Theatre: Anish Jethmalani
Producer for Vitalist Theatre: Robin Metz
Producing Artistic Director for Vitalist Theatre: Liz Carlin Metz
Producing Artistic Director for the International Voices Project: Patrizia Acerra
Administrative Manager for the International Voices Project: Maggie Carlin
Director: Liz Carlin Metz
Assistant Director: Emily Antoff
Dramaturg: Allison Diamond
Cultural Consultant: Fouad Teymour
Production Manager: Kathleen Dickinson
Assistant Stage Manager: Caroline Foulk
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Ioppolo
Dialect Coach: Catherine Gillespie
Set Designer: Craig Choma
Lighting Designer: Ivy Reid
Master Electrician: Andrew Purvis
Projections Designer: Brock Alter
Sound Designer: Gregor Mortis
Costume Designer: Allison Smith Hahn
Master Carpenter: Ian Tully
Shop Foreman: Martin Helms
Set Crew: Kevin Goetsch, Eric Sisco, Greg Miller, Danny Donnelly, Nathan Levine, Ben Rezko, Julia Porter, Joel Schleicher, Jack Harmon, Andre Leewright, Zac Cirone, Emily Ioppolo, Jasmine Artis, Jennie Jeoung
Lighting Crew: Kathleen Dickinson, Kat Rieser, Oakton Reynolds
Stage Violence: Andrew Saenz
Publicity: Treefalls, Karin McKie
Graphic Design: Holden Meier
Production Photographer: Scott Dray
Webmaster for Vitalist: Dakota Stipp


Anand Bhatt - Imtiaz, Shafiq
Luisa Blanco - Qadira
Kamal Hans* - Kash
Kelly Lynn Hogan - Natalie
Liz Carlin Metz - Lyn
Priya Mohanty - Rukhsana/Waitress
Alka Nayyar* - Sister/Sam/Monica
Andrew Saenz - Amir/Sam/Julian

Sunny Anam (U/S)
Morgan Cohen (U/S)
Pat Parks (U/S)
Subhash Thakrar (U/S)
Brenna Welsh (U/S)

Special Thanks

Chicago Ballet Center, Chitrahar Cultural Academy, Fantasy Costumes HDQ, Filament Theatre, Knox College Department of Theatre, Knox College Faculty Development, Porchlight Theatre, SHE Events, Silk Road Rising, Victory Gardens Theater, SHE Events, Bilal Dardai, Zarda King LTD, Jaclynn Jutting, Jennifer Lazarz, Robin Metz, Lori Reed, Margo Shively, Murad/Crystal Fazal, Kevin Scott, Walter Stearns, Murad/Chrystal Fazal, Puja Mohindra, Nikhaar Kishnani, and Kevin Scott.


Vitalist Theatre featured in Sun Times interview reprint on New International Theatre Experience World Theatre News website.

Jeff Awards Nominations
Vanessa Greenway (Rosaura/Astrea) has been nominated for a non-Equity Jeff Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Life is a Dream with Premiere Theatre and Vitalist Theatre. Read the full article in the Chicago Tribune.

City of Chicago
Vitalist Theatre featured with The City of Chicago.

International Voices Project
Vitalist Theatre is a proud Associate Company of The International Voices Project.

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